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Leading in Difficult Times: How Leaders Can Support Themselves

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Over the past month, we are increasingly asked by companies to support their leaders in leading their teams as we head into a second Covid-19 wave. Many leaders did quite well during the first wave, concentrating on staying positive, encouraging and focusing their teams on new ways of working and taking care of their people. But as we head into the second Covid-1 9 wave, and in many countries another round of work-from-home-without-an-end-date-in-sight, leaders in our workshops are increasingly voicing the toll this second lock-down is taking on them.

“I want to stay positively focused for my team, but it’s not as easy as during the first wave,” a leader told us recently. “It feels like I have to drag my team forward without having all the answers or knowing how this will all work out, and I feel that I have to dig deep into my own reserves to do so,” he added.

The question we are asked most often is: “How do I protect my own energy and wellbeing and still lead effectively?”

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