Workforce & HR

At FTI Consulting, we work with partners inside and outside clients to design and reshape organizations, talent strategies and employee experience to meet the demands of wider change and new and ways of working.

In a rapidly evolving environments, the organizations we serve increasingly need to resize and reshape their workforce to support the implementation of a new business model; reduce their operating costs; and maintain competitive advantage within a challenging market.  We partner carefully with clients tackling these challenges, enabling HR functions and professionals, transforming workforces and transitioning staff to new ways of working to respond to rapid changes and disruption in their market.

Often, workforce transition can involve the internal transition of people to new roles within an organization, the transition of people to a different organization as a result of a corporate transaction or the transition of people out of the organization through a redundancy or redeployment process. In all cases, the process is challenging process as leaders strive to achieve a positive outcome for everyone involved.  Our approach is often involves working at an enterprise level with leaders, transformation and other professionals to enable organizational change, while focusing, aligning and coaching HR professionals to play their critical role in preparing, engaging and retaining managers, staff and talent.

Common to all our work: a well-planned and executed workforce transition approach earns the trust and confidence of retained employees and helps to protect the employer brand from unwanted negative attention.


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