Our team provides comprehensive strategic communications, change management and workforce services to companies, boards of directors, lenders, creditors and buyers as they prepare for, execute, and emerge from financial and organizational restructurings. We function as a single source for all the disciplines involved in managing through restructuring processes and handle media relations, employee and external stakeholder communications, culture evolution, labor relations and HR planning.

Some of the objectives we help clients meet in pivotal moments include:

  • Preserving business continuity | Maintaining or regaining stability and control is critical in a complex, potentially disruptive situation. We understand restructuring processes, from workforce reductions and legal requirements of in-country consultation schemes to the U.S. Chapter 11 bankruptcy process. Our teams work on the ground to support clients with internal and external communications, union and associated labor-related consultations, engagement and enablement strategies. From planning to execution, we ensure clients reach all audiences and stakeholders, enabling them to stay focused on business operations.
  • Protecting credibility | Trust is the key to successful outcomes with all stakeholders. We provide communications counsel focused on preserving stakeholder support and safeguarding credibility, creating relevant narratives and enabling organizational leaders to keep their promises.
  • Laying a foundation for the future | Articulating a compelling vision for the future and conveying it through clear messaging that provides transparency on restructuring plans is at the center of our work with clients. As restructuring actions are announced, we work alongside leadership teams to define and communicate their go-forward strategies and manage change.


September 1, 2020

Responding to Activist Investors – Ensuring your people don’t get stuck in the middle

It’s late. The emergency meeting of your board has been underway for over three hours. There is only one agenda item ...