Learning & Capability Development

At FTI Consulting, we partner end-to-end with the clients to define what they want to achieve, analyze the challenges they face to understand cause and effect and design  coherent, integrated solutions in partnership with our client clients.  

Whether helping clients to build a learning culture,  supporting  coaching  or learning interventions or co-creating, curating  or developing content,   we set development directly  in the context of achieving organizational objectives and addressing real business and people challenges. We work with clients to shape and deliver a learning ecosystem that encourages curious and self-directed learning alongside essential training or formal learning priorities.  Our approach is flexible: we customize content, resources and interventions, and choose the right delivery methods to best suit the audience and situation.


Leslie Benson
Senior Managing Director
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Victoria Strachwitz
Senior Managing Director
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Shannon Stucky Pritchett
Senior Managing Director
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