Leadership Excellence

We work with business leaders and their teams to optimize their skills, brand and leadership, unlock potential, and shape and articulate corporate purpose, values and behaviors.

Transformative times require great leaders. Great leaders are rarely born that way; they’re shaped and honed by their experience, drive and learning. We know that leadership can be learned, and that exceptional leadership leads to enhanced organizational performance and sustainable value.

During times of disruption and transformation, the emergence and presence of great leaders is never more important. It is they who must navigate their organizations through ambiguity, challenge and opportunity – from the impact of disruptive technologies, increasing marketing competition, strategic shifts or evolving legal and regulatory frameworks. Driving change while communicating and cultivating strategic focus, meeting growth objectives, supporting talent and enhancing operational efficiency are often the factors that define a leader’s immediate impact and legacy.

We support leaders at every stage of their careers, from aspiring and experienced managers to CEOs in transition. Whether your focus is on developing practical expertise and confidence, communicating internally and externally and maximizing results, or building teams and organizational culture, we provide practical, agile support. Often, our work dovetails with a changing view of the talent in organizations and how that impacts ways to identify, nurture and retain high-potential employees — and how best to redefine, hone and embed leadership qualities, skills and behaviors.

Particularly in times of transformation, our experience has led us to focus “top down and bottom up,” deploying our change expertise to enable leaders to be sponsors and advocates of change, while working in tandem with the mid-level leaders at the coalface — those critical change agents and champions without whom few organization-wide initiatives can take root.

Whatever your requirement, we develop leadership solutions that underpin, energize and sustain organizational purpose, vision and values. We partner carefully and objectively with HR, communications and transformation professionals, ensuring that we deliver visible results while “working with the grain.”


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Senior Managing Director
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Senior Managing Director
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Shannon Stucky Pritchett
Senior Managing Director
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