Environmental, Social and Governance

We partner with organizations to secure their license to operate, manage change and engage their people in ESG programs and related initiatives, helping to deliver meaningful, sustainable results and to embed a values-driven organizational culture.

Companies today face an ever-expanding list of environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities, as well as increasing demand for enhanced disclosures and reporting. As a result, leaders must embed non-financial performance measures into their decision-making processes and wider organizational priorities as they seek to create value over the long term. Culture, behaviors and attitudes may need to change to sustainably anchor ESG initiatives in the organization. From a talent perspective, that will require employees to be substantially more vigilant and conscious of their employer’s stances on numerous sustainability issues. Research suggests that having clearly articulated policies and priorities around ESG initiatives is critical to attracting and retaining top talent.

As companies face smarter scrutiny of their ESG activities from outside parties and regulators, their leadership team and employees will need to walk the talk. Our role is to help organizations to translate and implement their ESG objectives through the actions and behaviors of their people.


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