Communications & Engagement

From awareness to action: the right story for the right people in the right way at the right time delivers commitment, performance and effectiveness. We design and implement internal communication campaigns that foster loyalty and enthusiasm to underpin and drive business initiatives.

Stories bind employees together to achieve great things. Whether you’re engaging in a shift in strategy, a new purpose, values and behavioral expectations or improving performance of day-to-day activities, strategically planned communications are key to achieving the level of engagement needed for success. Without clear and engaging messaging and mobilization, leaders will struggle to achieve meaningful change, and often reputation, morale and business outcomes may suffer.

Our internal & change communications and employee engagement experts are equipped to support organizations experiencing every kind of situation. Whether you’re reorganizing the communications function or developing a new communications strategy, or you need tactical support to build engagement, we deploy our experience, proven methods and best practices to support you. Increasingly, our work requires practical counsel for clients in reshaping the strategy and function, together with optimizing content, channels and communicators most effectively.

Particularly in times of change and transformation, our work requires careful calibration with business leaders as we align their role in cascading communications with the task of managers in contextualizing messaging, supported by communications team, in an increasingly digital environment. Against that backdrop, helping clients to understand the communication needs of their employees and to shape their approach to best meet their needs is critical. Our internal communications and engagement support will work alongside you to achieve critical business outcomes through clear, targeted and effective communications, from strategy to execution.


Leslie Benson
Senior Managing Director
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Victoria Strachwitz
Senior Managing Director
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Shannon Stucky Pritchett
Senior Managing Director
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