Change Management

We work with organizations to help them transition from a current to a new state, successfully and sustainably.

Change within organizations is continuous and accelerating. Whether you describe your initiative as transformation, performance improvement, restructuring or operational evolution, the change affect how your employees work to execute and deliver on your brand promise. In a world where upwards of 75% of digital transformations fail to generate returns, leading and managing successful change begins with you: your organization’s change management talent and expertise, and your ability to cultivate a compelling narrative to lead your people from awareness to advocacy.

Change is a process that requires planning, partnership and thoughtful execution. Invariably, it necessitates a behavioral shift on the part of every leader and employee, where every personal transition is different. Our goal is to move your stakeholders — whoever they may be — along each stage of the change journey to ensure they understand, articulate and advocate for your initiative in a way that supports and delivers on your strategy. Our change process helps to channel the aspirations and abilities of your people, encouraging them to participate actively and achieve the commitment that leads to the adoption of new ways of working.

No matter your focus or industry, creating impact for your company requires cultivating employee confidence in leadership; communicating effectively with all stakeholders; securing employee understanding and buy-in; developing the “right” talent to support your transformation; and having the right organizational structure to move the needle where it’s needed most. Our Prosci®-trained consultants support you every step of the way, bringing experience and expertise to every transformation. Our globally recognized certification enables us to support your change with integrated methodologies and tools to assist delivery and execution, work closely with you to mitigate resistance and risk, communicate with authenticity and impact, and secure adoption for new ways of working. We ensure that all stakeholders are aligned, resulting in meaningful and sustainable change.


Leslie Benson
Senior Managing Director
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Victoria Strachwitz
Senior Managing Director
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Shannon Stucky Pritchett
Senior Managing Director
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