Assessment & Due Diligence

Identifying strengths and weaknesses in the company’s approach to key ESG issues, and factors that may have a material impact on the organization, is central to both risk management and goal setting.

We help companies maintain a long-term perspective and evaluate the extent to which stakeholder impacts can affect the company’s ability to operate, enhance shareholder value, mitigate risk, and capture opportunity over the long term. FTI’s quantitative and qualitative assessments will draw on a wide range of internal and external sources to identify key issues that could be material to your company to support management teams in the prioritization of key ESG topics to develop a comprehensive ESG program that is aligned with your company’s business strategy. From policy gap analysis to on the ground investigations, FTI also helps clients have a clear picture of the ESG profile of their potential investments and supply chain. We apply sophisticated intelligence collection and analysis to the complex and sensitive ESG risks faced by our clients to develop an informed approach to your ESG strategy and program. These assessment tools allow a company to gain a more in-depth understanding of prevailing practices and reporting methodologies for each key issue, including oversight mechanisms, management systems, and relevant metrics and targets.


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Senior Managing Director
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Senior Managing Director
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Managing Director
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August 7, 2020

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