Advocacy & Public Policy

Overarching policy initiatives such as the European Green Deal set the tone for the coming years and prove the EU’s ambition to align economic growth with carbon neutrality by 2050.

Growing legal obligations on non-financial disclosure and new liabilities across the entire value chain together with public scrutiny increase pressure on companies to green their business model. The widespread trend towards an EU-aligned regulation of businesses can also help markets outside of Europe catch up in a global race to a net zero, ‘build back better’ recovery. Despite the current pandemic crisis, efforts have doubled down, and expectations have only risen.

In order to facilitate the transition, FTI consulting offers the ESG Compass Model which provides an important first step by helping companies understand their existing performance, highlighting relative strengths and weaknesses by matching current commitments and aspirations, against regulatory and policy obligations and stakeholders’ expectations. FTI’s Advocacy and Public Policy offering takes a research-based approach to help a company develop a tailored government relations and public affairs strategy to position itself, develop effective messaging, authentic narratives and engages with its diverse stakeholder base.


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