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The Race is on for Autonomous Vehicles

Automated vehicles will be one of the big issues the EU will be addressing further, once the new Commission takes office in November. For industry, the time to position itself is now. The shaping of both national and international legislation has started. Getting involved sooner rather than later will give companies a head-start over their competition.

With its potential economic, safety and environmental benefits, the autonomous vehicle (AV) is being touted as part of the solution to today’s most pressing
transportation challenges, ranging from environmental concerns to urban mobility issues. This technology also holds the potential to have a far-reaching impact into sectors such as insurance, tech, logistics and cyber. A recent study commissioned by Intel concluded that AVs will generate $7 trillion per year by 2050.1 Companies must engage now to prepare for the future of mobility or risk failure, as the global race for AVs is most definitely on. Despite the potential that this burgeoning industry presents, fragmented global regulation is creating uncertainty and risks slowing down mass deployment of AVs. A global, harmonised approach will be key to ensuring wide-spread adoption of AVs.

In this second edition of FTI Consulting’s global AV snapshot, we offer insights into the state-of-play and expected developments in the
The U.S., EU and Asia, as well as at UN level. Read more here- The Race is on for Autonomous Vehicles

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