Returning to the Workplace: 6 Questions Every Employer Should be Prepared to Answer

As governments continue to lift safety restrictions and pave the way for workplace re-openings, questions are swirling among employees and employers alike about what the future will hold. The good news is that employers are taking these next steps from a relatively strong position of employee trust. Research fielded by FTI Consulting in April 2020 found that 61 percent of employees have greater trust in their employer than they did prior to the pandemic1. This trust was hard-earned. Most companies have demonstrated a strong commitment to employee safety and wellness throughout the pandemic and, in many cases, sacrificed profits to do so.

As we enter this next phase, however, the answers will not always be as clear. Finding the right balance between confidence and a willingness to iterate and learn together will be critical. Our team has compiled a list of questions employees are asking as they return work – along with the related communications Dos and Do Nots – to help employers prepare.

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