Latin America

As global businesses know, unlocking Latin America’s potential can be challenging. Latin America’s vibrant economy covers dozens of different countries, each one with highly-demanding societies, officious regulators, organized NGO communities and a segmented regional media environment. There are no one size fit all solutions to capitalizing opportunities in Latin America. FTI Consulting’s network across the region strives to deliver tailored communication solutions that deploy local knowledge while bringing the best global best practices in cross-border advocacy to a region where these have been mostly absent.


December 14, 2021


El análisis del Resilience Barometer™ de FTI Consulting revela cómo la pandemia ha expuesto las preocupaciones ...

July 30, 2021

Transformación del Sector FIN Gracias al Desarrollo TECH

June 9, 2021

El sector privado y el contexto nacional: ¿Cómo navegar y superar la crisis?

May 18, 2021

SPACs in Healthcare & Life Sciences

May 12, 2021


April 26, 2021

Las “Fake News” Una Realidad Existente

December 10, 2020

Private Equity Investment in Latin America’s Fintech Sector

November 4, 2020

A Successful Latin America Hydrogen Story Needs to Start with Collective Action

Hydrogen might well be the next success story in the global energy transition. If Latin America is to write its chapter,...

September 18, 2020

Healthcare providers: A crisis beyond the crisis

A critical look at clinics and hospitals in LatAm, and a perspective on how to manage a crisis that was aggravated by Co...

August 13, 2020

La crisis en la salud también hizo crisis

August 12, 2020

The Seven Sins of ESG Management

August 11, 2020

Brazil’s new regulatory framework creates opportunity in sanitation market

But requires improved ability to engage with multiple local stakeholders.

May 22, 2020

Walking a Tightrope Without a Safety Net

Latin American corporates trying to cross through the pandemic: businesses face a double burden amid the pandemic.

May 22, 2020

Shifting Expectations: Mexico Survey Results

COVID-19 has sent shockwaves through every aspect of our lives and we are just beginning to understand the long-lasting ...

April 30, 2020

COVID-19 Communication Scorecard: Where Can Businesses Do Better?

Businesses face no greater threat than that posed by COVID-19.

April 27, 2020

Latin America Response

The spread of COVID-19 across the world has caused significant disruption to businesses and supply chains, and the same ...

April 14, 2020

Navigating Brazil’s Post-COVID-19 Political Landscape

March 23, 2020

To Close or Not to Close?

March 20, 2020

Four Guiding Principles to Create Community while Navigating COVID-19

The scene is a familiar – if not cliché. A group of colleagues gathered around sipping their morning coffee, swapping...

March 20, 2020

Considerations for Latin America

March 19, 2020

Pre-Gaming the Post-Game: Market and Policy Implications of COVID-19

As governments, businesses and individuals grapple with the public health implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, severe ...

March 13, 2020

How Should You Be Calming Your People?

The 10 Questions Every Employer Needs to Answer Global health organizations, governments and financial markets are reeli...

March 9, 2020

Dr. Aldo Flores-Quiroga, Former Secretary-General to the International Energy Forum, Joins FTI Consulting as Senior Advisor

Appointment Further Strengthens Energy & Natural Resources Sector ExpertiseMEXICO CITY, March 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWS...

February 26, 2020

Crisis Management and Coronavirus

February 20, 2020

Investor Communications in Times of Uncertainty