People & Transformation

Redesigning HR and Communications Functions

Effective Communications, Public Affairs and HR functions are integral to enhancing external reputation, brand and organizational effectiveness, employee engagement and advocacy. Ensuring these teams are designed, structured and resourced appropriately and aligned to driving business needs and success is of paramount importance.

FTI Consulting has wide-ranging expertise and practical experience in supporting businesses leaders in small to large organizations with redesigning, enhancing and future proofing their Communications and HR functions:

Discovery, analysis and recommendations development

  • FTI conducts data-driven audits and gap analysis to identify the state of play and create an action plan of recommendations
  • We use a range of techniques from surveys and focus groups to leadership interviews and workshops
  • We diagnose potential barriers to becoming an effective function and work in partnership with functional leaders to prioritize and address the key challenges
  • We help identify any skills gaps, training needs, new posts and working practices required and provide ‘go forward’ plans and recommendations

Unlocking functional potential

  • FTI can design and deliver tailored workshops that help you identify practical ways in which you can align your function to organizational needs and drive team effectiveness
  • Using best-practice benchmarking frameworks, we can investigate and develop alternative structures and measures, and create action plans for moving forward
  • We help instill confidence in developing sound business cases for activities that require investment in Communications and HR activity
  • We re-design Communications and HR functions in a way that reflects the key principles of the overarching business strategy and aligns the global vision and priorities with local implementation

Establishing enablement programs

  • FTI can design and facilitate a variety of tailored programs to help upskill Communications and HR professionals to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills required to meet the needs of their internal or external customers
  • We can support with shifting to a business partnering model and role, and train teams in what that entails
  • We provide practical help in the design and implementation of HR and L&D strategies across international borders

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Case study: Communications audit for an insurer firm

The People & Change team worked with a London based insurer firm to assess its communications efficiency by carrying out diagnostic activities including interviews, a content and channel assessment, and other data collection and analysis. This identified current strengths to leverage and potential areas for improvement.

The results of the audit were utilised in the development of a set of recommendations to enable the comms function to plan effectively for the subsequent year.


“Companies that change may survive, but companies that transform thrive. Change brings incremental or small-scale adaptations, while transformation brings great improvements that ripple through the future of an organization.” –
Nick Candito

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