CEO Leadership Redefined

Podcast: The Shifting Expectations of CEOs

Society is demanding a different kind of leadership from corporate executives, and people are paying close attention to what leaders say and do. While this shift in expectations was happening well before 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis, as well as the social justice movement, only accelerated the demand for business leaders to behave differently.

With the boundaries between the political, social and business arenas continuing to blur, business leaders are grappling with how to navigate this increasingly complex environment both internally and externally. In this podcast episode, a panel of FTI experts explore this important topic and the advice they are giving to CEOs.

Moderated by Alexandra Priola and Elly DiLeonardi. Panelists include Christine DiBartolo, Jay Dunn, Darius Johnson, and Shannon Stucky Pritchett.

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