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Leaving the Glassdoor Open

Nearly a quarter (24) of the FTSE 100 have unclaimed Glassdoor pages and currently have no oversight on content or ability to reply to reviews. Companies leaving their pages unchecked risk being blindsided on internal issues from the ever-growing investor and journalist audience on the platform.

With 7 million monthly UK users, Glassdoor has become one of the fastest growing digital platforms linked to corporates. Despite this rapid growth, 24 of the UK’s biggest companies currently have no means of engaging with the platform, including correcting inaccurate information, responding to reviews that are housed on their pages or gaining alerts when new reviews are posted.

FTSE 100 companies with unclaimed Glassdoor pages (totalling 11,424 reviews)

As the platform has grown, and increased in prominence on Google search, both investors and journalists have flocked to the platform to

gain additional insight into the companies they review. Indeed, when searching for company name + jobs/careers, 75% of FTSE 100 companies have their Glassdoor profile appear on page 1 of Google results. This means that the risks of not engaging with the platform now go far beyond falling behind in the race for talent.

The FTSE front runners

Utilising paid or free page services, these companies represent the best practice benchmark for FTSE 100 companies on Glassdoor, leveraging content strategically and effectively.

The opportunity for companies to get ahead of the curve on Glassdoor is still very much available for companies in the UK. An effective Glassdoor strategy not only aids a company’s ability to compete in the talent pool, but also gives them consistent opportunities to highlight employee engagement and ethical practice to investors and journalists.

Thinking strategically

Whether companies like it or not, there is usually a Glassdoor page out there with their name on it. This is certainly true of the FTSE 100, where 125,864 reviews currently sit, offering both positive and negative insights into their business practices.

Whilst it’s easy to bemoan the risks attached to a platform like Glassdoor, it is also important to recognise the positive opportunities the site presents.

Channel management alone cannot turn around poor scores on Glassdoor but implementing an effective channel strategy can help companies stand out versus their competitors when significant internal issues are not a factor.


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