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FTI Fortify – Crisis and critical event preparedness in financial services

Whether you’re readying your business for potential crises in the future or planning for an upcoming critical event, FTI Fortify – our end-to end preparedness offer – will be able to assist you. Fortify programmes support with risk mitigation, provide useful insights and best practice, and enable you to prepare for and manage critical events. We also collaborate with you to develop practical tools, plans and processes to improve your operational and reputation management.

From cyber-attacks to litigation, and from regulatory threats to the leak of sensitive information, the risks businesses face are broader than ever.

Through FTI Fortify, we help organisations prepare for future crises or for upcoming critical events. Example crises and events we’ve worked on include:

FTI Fortify: an-end-end preparedness programme

Fortify Simulation

Our bespoke and authentic simulation exercises stress-test an organisation’s people, processes and plans. The aim is to replicate the operational and reputational challenges of a crisis or critical event through realistic injects and roleplay.

Our simulation exercises can be used to stress-test your response teams by seeing how they respond to an unexpected crisis situation or to provide a realistic drill for an upcoming critical event. Regardless of the requirements for the exercise, all our simulations are designed to:

Highlight strengths and identify vulnerabilities in existing processes, plans, structures and skills

Deliver total privacy by enabling the exercise to be delivered through a secure digital platform

Enable in-depth feedback and analysis together with actionable recommendations

Provide maximum realism and participant engagement through:

  • the development of a bespoke, credible scenario
  • authentic stakeholder role-play
  • realistic news, blog and broadcast injects
  • real-time share price ticker reflecting participants’ performance
  • fully interactive social media feeds
  • replicating the organisation’s email network and corporate website

Fortify Workshop

With an emphasis on training and learning, our facilitated crisis workshops are focused on developing and embedding best practice crisis management skills and critical-event plans. Participants work in teams to handle the various phases of an emerging crisis with frequent breaks for facilitated discussion and learning.

Participating teams work together on our interactive platform to respond to the unique challenges posed during various phases of a crisis or critical event.

At each stage, participants review and compare their responses on-screen with other teams, receiving instant reaction and feedback.

Our interactive digital platform engages participants as they respond to operational and reputational challenges across various phases of a crisis.

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