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FTI Consulting Releases 2021 Social Divide in the City Report

Performance Index of FTSE 100 Corporate Financial Results Reporting on Social Media

Now in Its ninth Edition, Research Assesses Over 1,000 Posts and 2.6m Social Media Engagements

Leaders to the Fore and Overall ‘Softening’ of Results Report as Companies Tie in Broader Themes, Including Purpose, Responsibility and Society

LONDON, 4 March 2021 – FTI Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: FCN) has launched the 2021 instalment of its Social Divide in the City report, an annual ranking of FTSE 100 financial results reporting on social media.

Measuring the impact of content for half- and full-year results throughout 2020, the report from the Strategic Communications segment at FTI Consulting found a consistent level of growth and evidence of investment in social media channels and content by some of the world’s largest corporates. Companies sought to tell the story of their results and strategies in ever more compelling ways, notably involving video, with many providing further illustration of how the global pandemic was impacting business. This resulted in 2.6m engagements on social media for all results-related activity, a 33% increase from the prior year.

Following the trend seen in previous years, LinkedIn remained prominent as the social media channel of choice in terms of effort and engagement. However, FTI Consulting determined a new “divide” in relation to those companies pursuing greater use of their CEO in support of results communications in social media versus those who are not. The use of personal social media channels by leaders, and greater prominence of CEOs in corporate channel content, is delivering new levels of interest and engagement in the strategy and performance of businesses, with leaders bringing the personal touch, an authentic view of the world and in many cases a sense of gratitude for their colleagues, partners and customers.

FTI Consulting describes in the report an “overall” softening on results, where content is no longer restricted to simply sharing financial statements and data. A small number of companies refrained from sharing any financial data on results day, focusing on overarching business and strategy messages instead. The leaders in the index by and large mixed financial information with broader messages around purpose, resilience and long-term vision.

Ant Moore, a Senior Managing Director and Head of the Digital and Insights practice within the Strategic Communications segment at FTI Consulting in London, said: “Again we have a wealth of data at our fingertips on how large corporates are approaching results reporting and the mix of formats and channels they are using to achieve engagement with their stakeholders. It is clear that audiences respond to broader narratives around results, which may be in part to an ESG effect, but also it is a result of the expectation of corporates offering a more authentic, human voice around areas of business strategy and performance. The role leaders are playing in coming to the fore, appearing in video and sharing personal stories – and gratitude – shows another side to results reporting that many will respond to as a marker of corporate success.”


NOTE TO EDITORS: Social Divide in the City 2021, is available here.


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