COVID-19: In life beyond lockdown, start treating your employees like your customers

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Central to positive well-being is a sense of personal space and security. Despite early indications of a phased return to “normal” worklife in some countries, the white-collar global workforce is set to be remote working for the foreseeable future. So what happens when the office has become the home, and the home has become the office? Managers must heed 5 core principles to manage employee well-being for the long-run as we bed in for a new normal.

A happy and healthy employee is a good employee. That’s why employee wellbeing has entered the management mainstream, and now widely considered an indirect contributor to the bottom line.

As most companies rush to provide online workout classes and remote Friday drinks for their employees on lockdown, they should stop.

And think: how well do I really know my staff, and what are the limits to my power of intervention to manage their well-being, particularly in worklife after lockdown?

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