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Effective communication has always been vital to managing, enhancing and protecting corporate reputation. In today’s always-on, hyper-connected world, that focus has become even more crucial.

The rise of social media has upended communications. While quality writing and strong media relations remain important, the means of engagement has broadened thanks to channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to name a few. Social media allows organizations to shape perception and respond to a discriminating, worldwide audience. Today, 2.46 billion individuals, or one-third of the global population, uses social media at least once a month, according to eMarketer.

Digital messaging through social media is critical to a company’s reputation, crisis response and audience reach and engagement. Companies that haven’t already devised a comprehensive social media strategy may be lagging behind, but there’s no need to reinvent the wheel to catch up. As Charles Darwin once said, “survival goes to those who adapt, not necessarily those who rely on strength.”

There are myriad social channels that companies can leverage, each with their own unique tone and opportunities. Through facilitated real time conversations over Twitter, captivating infographics on Facebook, or visually gripping ad campaigns via Instagram, businesses are finding new and exciting ways to communicate.

How savvy is your company when it comes to communicating through social media? See if you can identify which platform best suits your messaging with these five questions.